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Our Purpose


WSWG will facilitate state-to-state rallies for the purpose of publicly honoring God and His Word. A public rally will also allow the voice of the citizen to be heard in unison with those who are of the same heart and mind.


WSWG is intent upon changing our nation by personally engaging publicly elected officials on matters of Biblical marriage, religious liberties and conformity to the U.S. Constitution. Elected officials in each state will be lobbied to support conservative legislation and legislation that will ensure the religious liberties of their constituents.


WSWG will Pray, Preach, Plan, Prepare, and Promote righteousness and religious liberties in hope of restoring the United States of America to the republic that God and our Founding Fathers intended.

Our event outreach has been grass roots in nature:

For each state we assign volunteer ‘State Zone Ambassadors’ responsible for assigning county Liaisons to target Churches, businesses & individuals at a local level. The process can be easily replicated to other States. The sample graphics below show how the NC event is organized.

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